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DJ Crawford – The Marathron Mix – September 2014

EZ Ravers!, this is my final mix until sometime nx year, im moving home so need to get a new setup for my decks and equipment so will take sometime so here is my last mix for awhile free to stream and download as you please, everything from Dark to liquid and all the new and old stuff inbetween. Peace out ravers, il see you all next year. Thank you everyone @ 247DnB and all the listeners, DJ Crawford signing off. Peaceeeee.

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DJ Crawford – Freestyle Friday 4 – June 2014

After having not touched my decks for a month I grabbed the headphones and chucked aload of dnb together with fresh & classic vibes, enjoy!

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DJ Crawford – Sunset Mix No2 – April 2014

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FilthMix No2 – Feb 2014

EZ all crew! back by popular demand, Filthmix No2 is here and ready to download/stream as you see fit. enjoy some filthy Drum & Techno tunes with this dirty Set for the heavy hearted fans. Enjoy!  – DJ Crawford

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Welcome To 2014

For those that missed it heres my 1st Mix of 2014, hope you all had a good one over the festive peroid ;)

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2014 Closing In….

Thanks to all the listeners & the DJ’s for another good year at 247.

2013 is almost over but we will still be here raving away bashing out the mixes keeping it fresh and reviving old classics for your “raving needs”

We still get alot of requests for older mixes that have’nt been heard of in awhile so Shirly has very kindly done some very hard work at putting alot of them all into one basket so if you want to find some fav mixes have a gander at the link in the comments section below.

Alot of Time and effort has gone into this but if you feel you need to voice a concern then please click “Contact us” or have your say in our facebook group, just search “247 drum and bass” .

(Oh and on a quick note you may have noticed that Crawfords soundcloud was only showing a couple of mixes, well it was time to renew which has now been done so all mixes are available to stream & download again as you please.)

Have a good one crew!

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DJ Crawford – October 2013

Been away awhile so hears an hour mix for your entertainment, ENJOY. – Crawford

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DJ Crawford B2B DJ Maurak 26/07/13

If You Missed Fridays Mix Then Listen & Download It Here For Free!

Tracklisting To Follow (When Me & Maurak Work It Out!)

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