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KC Shuffle & WstEndGrl – 24th Feb 2015

Here is the latest mix from WstEndGrl this evening – Link to MP3 (53MB) or play below!

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WstEndGrl Debut Mix

WstEndGrl, a DJ from Missouri, Kansas City, had her debut ‘test’ show this evening. You can listen to the mix below, or download here – link to mp3 (56MB).
Welcome aboard!

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Follow us?

We are 11 years old next month, so its about time we had a twitter account! Please follow us for updates on live shows etc…

So, happy new year all! We have just upgraded our server and our new years resolution is to freshen up the stream with new DJ’s and mixes. If you would like to become a part of 247dnb, please drop us a message via the contact page (or twitter). We are looking for mix contributors (these get played randomly when nobody is live) and live DJ’s.

Look forward to hearing from you and to all the listeners that have stuck with us over the years, HAPPY 2015 and thank you!


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DJ Crawford – The Marathron Mix – September 2014

EZ Ravers!, this is my final mix until sometime nx year, im moving home so need to get a new setup for my decks and equipment so will take sometime so here is my last mix for awhile free to stream and download as you please, everything from Dark to liquid and all the new and old stuff inbetween. Peace out ravers, il see you all next year. Thank you everyone @ 247DnB and all the listeners, DJ Crawford signing off. Peaceeeee.

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DJ Crawford – Freestyle Friday 4 – June 2014

After having not touched my decks for a month I grabbed the headphones and chucked aload of dnb together with fresh & classic vibes, enjoy!

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